Dried Luangwa fish fears

FOR 56-year-old Azizi Phiri of Luangwa district, plying for fish business has been the main livelihood for his family for over four decades. Born in a village perched on the banks of Luangwa River, Mr Phiri was exposed to fishing for consumption and sale at an affectionate age. As he grew up, the fishing skill strengthened and became part of his life. In recent years, unfortunately, fish stocks in Luangwa River have nearly depleted due to, among other factors, poor and illegal fishing methods, coupled with changing climatic conditions. Unable to sustain his livelihood through fishing due to diminishing stocks, Mr Phiri had to look elsewhere for survival. He started going into neighbouring Mozambique where fishing still thrives on the waters of the Zambezi River. Mr Phiri has since been getting the commodity from Luangwa boma at the confluence of Luangwa and Zambezi rivers. The Luangwa boma entry point forms the scenic boundaries of Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Through this point, about 100,000 tonnes of dried fish enter CLICK TO READ MORE

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