Letter to the Editor

Dream comes true for Kwamwena residents

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to commend Government under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu for honouring the promise to construct roads in Kwamwena Meanwood.They started by constructing 3.5 kilometres, which has offered so much relief to residents. Government has gone ahead to allocate another 8 kilometres which is under construction.
This is a dream come true for residents who have had to endure the trauma of driving or indeed walking on the semblance of roads.
In the rainy season, motorists had to endure getting stuck in the mud while pedestrians had to put up with mad splashes from cars coupled with wading through mucky waters.
In the dry season, motorists and pedestrians had to endure the dust, leading to coughs and other related diseases.
Due to the bad roads, wear and tear on cars claimed a big share on people’s budgets, drastically reducing disposable income.
Though the kilometres given are not enough because of the vastness of the area, they will certainly go a long way in alleviating the suffering of residents.
The one road constructed so far has already changed the outlook of the area bringing out the beauty of houses.
Going by how Government has responded, we are even more optimistic there are better things to come. We are hoping for more kilometres, street lights and other social amenities.
Happy Kwamwena resident

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