Letter to the Editor

Doris Kasote is spot on

Dear editor,
I AGREE with Doris Kasote (gender editor) that it does not help to play the blame game in the fight against gender-based violence.
In her article, Let’s unite to fight GBV which appeared in your December 6 publication, Doris rightly stated that everyone needs to get involved if we are to win the fight against GBV.

One way each one of us can get involved is to reflect on our moral conduct. A major cause of conflict, which often culminates into violence in marriages, is infidelity. In urban areas, nine out of 10 GBV cases happen when men or women infringe upon their marital bonds. Looking for sexual or material satisfaction outside marriage is an evil act that breeds other evil acts such as violence and murder.

Our Constitution ought to take a leaf from Muslim countries; infidelity should be changed from a civil offence to a criminal offence. If we destroy infidelity, violence will destroy itself.


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