Don’t insult President, says Lubinda

Given Lubinda.


NO PERSON should insult the head of State or any other individual because doing so is an offence which can lead someone to be visited by the law, PF vice-president Given Lubinda has said. Mr Lubinda also says people should however not respond to insults with violence because doing so is another offence. “Don’t insult me, don’t insult any one, don’t insult the President. When I insult, I demean my stature, but don’t respond to insults with violence and threats. You are being uncivilised,” he said during a press briefing yesterday. Mr Lubinda was commenting on United Party for National Development (UPND) Lusaka Province youth chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso’s alleged threats to mobilise youths to deal with anyone who insults the head of State. He advised aggrieved Zambians against taking the law into their hands by way of using violence because doing so will land them in problems. “When you abrogate the law by engaging in violence or insulting, you will go to court alone and your actions will not win you any favours. As for the PF, we have told our members to refrain from violence even when provoked,” Mr Lubinda said. The former Minister of Justice said Zambia inherited legislation from Britain where insulting is an offence. Mr Lubinda also said the PF will stand by any citizen who will be victimised by Government. He said anyone who feels victimised by the new dawn administration should report to the PF secretariat because the former governing party is documenting how the country is being governed. Mr Lubinda said the role of PF is to provide credible checks and balances devoid of insults and lies. He commended the media for highlighting issues the PF has been raising. “PF will provide objective and candid checks and balances. We cannot comment on governance issues in taverns, bus stations or shops, but through you CLICK TO READ MORE

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