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Don’t despise small beginnings

DO you want to start your career as a chief executive officer (CEO)? Are you failing to start your business because you want to start with a million dollars?
The other day, I read an inspiring story shared by renowned journalist and author, Napoleon Hill about a legendary American businessman and philantropist, Andrew Carnegie who went to the United States in 1848 with only five dollars to his name. By 1901, he was one of the world’s richest man.
After reading this uplifting story, I was taken aback by another Bible story I read about the apostle Paul.
Though he was one of the most educated and knowledgeable man of his time, he started out as a mere tent maker and made a living and even helped others from such a humble job.
Later on, he became an eminent apostle and a great servant of God.
I only wonder what would have become of Andrew Carnegie and the apostle Paul if they were not willing to start small.
One of the greatest lessons I learnt from these herculean men is that it is always important for one to be willing to start small.
There is nothing wrong to want to become CEO. Neither is it wrong for one to want to own a multinational company. But there is everything wrong to want to start from there.
The truth is that even the most admirable of men had to start from somewhere. The following are the benefits of small beginnings:
When you start small, it helps you to build and manage, especially for those who are in business. That is to say that you avoid falling into such traps as unnecessary debts, which may just land you in prison. You literally, avoid undue pressure, thereby having more time to focus on building your business.
It is also easier for one to measure growth. Having started small, it becomes easier to know how you are fairing. For better or worse, this helps you to take necesary steps to remain on the positive side of things.
And once you get to the top in your industry, it becomes easier for you to cement your position, because you know where you are coming from and what it has taken you to be where you are today.
Not wanting to go back to the scratch helps you to work hard so that you can always stay on top of things
It becomes easier for you to appreciate your success. People who attain wealth overnight either through inheritance or lottery fail to appreciate what it as takes to acquire real wealth. As such, most of them end up squandering resources. Talk about the lost sons of our time.
It is easier for other people to learn from you. They have followed you from the time you were in the valley to the time you get to the peak of the mountain. This makes them to learn a great deal about your iconic journey.
For those who are not willing to start small, the consequences are quite many:
Notably among them, your dreams, plans, ideas remain just that while those who are willing to start small soar to high heights before your eyes.
Undue pressure becomes your daily bread from owing debts to embarrasment.
As if this is not enough, it becomes a tall order for others to emulate you.
In conclusion, know that it is important to start small. Because that way, you can manage. I am in agreement with Creflo Dollar who said, “Only those who dig graves start on top.”
The author is motivational speaker, writer, life coach and entrepreneur.

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