Letter to the Editor

Don Gordon teachers’ dedication laudable

Dear editor,
ALLOW ME to commend two Grade Seven teachers from Don Gordon, a Mr Chanda and Mr Billy, who have clearly demonstrated that teaching is not a career or a source of income but a calling.
As a parent I am amazed at the passion these two teachers have exhibited towards their work.
These teachers go extra miles by spending more hours at school to ensure pupils are well prepared for the examinations. It is not surprising that Don Gordon is one of the high flying schools in the country.
What is more impressive about these two teachers is the high level of engagement with parents on the performance of the children.
My child is an introvert and, as a result, it is easy for any teacher to dismiss him from high flyers.
This is because most teachers assume talkative students are the smart ones.
But I am glad that these two teachers were able to identify his capabilities and push him to his best performance.
My son passed the Grade 7 examination with 829 marks.
I hope Don Gordon looks after the welfare of their teachers well to avoid brain drain.
Otherwise these two teachers are an asset not only to the school but to the education sector. If all teachers had such passion, our national education output would be far much better.

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