Letter to the Editor

Direct sales agents duping Airtel clients

Dear editor,
I WISH to express my concern over some unscrupulous Airtel direct sales agents (DSA) who are stealing from unsuspecting customers.
These DSAs are selling products and services which are not there. They are enticing customers by cheating customers that they are giving a free 4G sim card. And once you get it they will ask you to give them a K5.00 so that they activate your Airtel mobile money account and a K2.00 talk time for sim activation.
After all these transactions they will tell you your sim has been activated, you have been given talk time worth K30.00, 1GB data valid for one week and that K5.00 you paid has been deposited into your account, thus you also have K5.00 in your Airtel mobile money account.
These DSAs are fake. My cousin happened to be a victim. Quite alright the sim was activated but there was no 1GB, no K30.00 talk time but only 12 minutes airtime was given. And upon consulting Airtel call centre, they denied offering such services, neither was there any such promotion.
Therefore, my appeal to Luanshya residents is to be on the lookout for such fraudsters.

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