Diploma fresh with ‘Kalambe’


DIPLOMA, a pioneer in breaking and pushing boundaries in the music industry who has worked with a number of renowned artistes, has a new song titled Kalambe.
The musician, a well-known figure in Kabwe who has also produced gospel songs before venturing into secular, features Lizwe and Fresh Cee on the new song. Both artistes are from Kabwe.
Diploma (above) told the Weekend Mail that the title of the song is borrowed from kalambe, a game played by children.
“But when you are a grown up, how do you play kalambe? Do you chase each other like kids do? No. When you are a grown-up, the only way you can do kalambe is by going where there is music and a disco light. Hence kuchilaiti nakuvilimba ndiye kuli kalambe kabakulu,” he says.
Diploma says the song is danceable and expects his fans to enjoy as they continue giving him support.
Like another Kabwe-based musician Drimz, Diploma has been in the music industry for a long period. He is happy that the people of Kabwe have been very supportive of the local artistes. However, he now wants to spread his music countrywide.
“One of the biggest things I want to do is bring awareness about things that are going on around the world through my music,” says Diploma, who was born Lloyd Shangwa Siwale.
“Using new technology and my music together, it’s definitely going to make me very happy if the feedback is positive.
“I have worked with a number of renowned artistes like B’flow, Dreams, Tommy D, Romario, Chester, Prof. Bikiloni and Sam Kuli among others.”

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