Letter to the Editor

Different exams for special children

Dear editor,
CALLS by First Lady Esther Lungu for the Ministry of General Education to come up with different examinations for children with intellectual disabilities is a move welcome but long overdue.

It is surprising that such children learn on their own in special classrooms attended to by special teachers and yet are subjected to write the same exam with able-bodied children.
Such children are in most cases slow learners and need more time to grasp certain concepts but unfortunately they are treated as able children during their final exams and invigilated by teachers who know nothing about special education. It is not fair.
I hope the ministry will look into this call with the urgency it deserves.
We have plenty of graduate teachers in special education and yet they don’t practise what they were trained for and instead opt to teach normal children! Even employers seem not to take keen interest in children with special needs, it is only PicknPay which seems to have a heart to employ dumb cash register operators. I’m sure even among the over 3,000 teachers who were just recruited, none of them is disabled. Remember disability is not an inability.

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