MINISTRY of Works and Supply Permanent Secretary Lenox Kalonde faces disciplinary action for failing to protect controller of government transport Shelly Chatugwa, who was harassed by purported Patriotic Front cadres on Tuesday.
Secretary to the Cabinet Simon Miti is displeased with Mr Kalonde’s non-responsiveness when Ms Chatugwa was being harassed, and has directed his deputy, Patrick Kangwa, to institute disciplinary action. Dr Miti has also instructed Mr Kangwa to investigate how cadres penetrated the Lusaka provincial administration offices and the Ministry of Works and Supply, and take disciplinary action against anyone found wanting.
He said in a press statement yesterday that he is disappointed with Mr Kalonde, who helplessly allowed cadres to harass Ms Chatugwa, as evidenced by the widely circulated video. “The permanent secretary was evidently helpless and allowed his member of staff to be harassed in his presence with no recourse to CLICK TO READ MORE

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