Letter to the Editor

Dialogue should be in national interest

DEAR Editor,
ALLOW me to express my concern over the planned national dialogue which has been shrunk to political dialogue between the ruling PF and the opposition UPND.Thinking that this dialogue is all about the 2016 election disputes between the warring parties is a gross misconception. This is the more reason why the current debate on who should lead the process has political overtones pointing to who the loser and who the winner will be in political circles.
What must be understood is that national dialogue is a continuous undertaking meant to encourage resolution of issues through dialogue to avoid violence?
The question might arise as to what are the issues and who are the stakeholders. The response might be issues relating to our current political dispensation (intra and inter- political party democracy), resolution of the inadequacies in the Constitution, the roles of civil society in the governance of our country etc. to which we are all stakeholders.
This process therefore demands involvement of a wider spectrum of both stakeholders and issues. It should therefore not be a preserve of one political party to decide who should lead the process of such national importance.
As a citizen of this country, this is what I know about the planned dialogue, and if I am wrong, I need to be corrected and hence my argument that this process should not be shrunk or reduced to political dialogue between PF and UPND. It is only the ruling PF that cannot afford not to attend the dialogue because they have the instrument of power but any other political party, regardless of its size, can be excused and should not be allowed to dictate the terms of the planned national dialogue.
May God the Almighty continue to guide our nation.

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