DF pioneer challenges Sampa

INFORMATION has emerged that the Democratic Front (DF), which Matero member of Parliament (MP) Miles Sampa launched in Kitwe on Saturday night, is allegedly an existing political party which was registered in December 2014.
This has angered DF interim president David Chanda, a Lusaka-based lawyer, because he allegedly never gave Mr Sampa authority to launch his party.
Mr Chanda has given Mr Sampa a 24-hour ultimatum to renounce his claim to DF and to form his own political party, failure to which he will report him to the police.
But Mr Sampa’s spokesperson Ngolwe Sakala refuted Mr Chanda’s claim saying it is a non-issue because they have evidence of registration and that Mr Chanda resigned his position on December 19, 2014.
Mr Chanda said in an interview yesterday that he will take legal action against Mr Sampa if he does not heed the ultimatum.
He said he is in touch with the Registrar of Societies, which is also carrying out independent investigations to establish the true owners of DF.
Mr Chanda said had Mr Sampa done a search at the Registrar of Societies, he would have known that the DF party already exists.
“DF was born June 2014 originally as Genuine People’s Platform and in December 2014 changed its name to Democratic Front (DF) with a certificate of registration signed by then acting registrar of societies Kakoma Kanganja, the current Inspector General of Police,” he said.
Mr Chanda said he launched DF last year at a public gathering and he is still in custody of launch documents including speeches he made.
An extract of minutes of the Genuine People’s Platform held on December 14, 2014,  indicate that Mr Chanda is interim president with Harold Chandalala as vice-president and Adwick Nyendwa as party secretary.
But Mr Sampa’s special assistant Ngolwe Sakala has said Mr Chanda was politicking because he resigned his position and he ceased to be a DF member.
“He is just playing politics. For us, this is not an issue because we all have the documents from the Registrar of Societies with stamps that are authentic,” she said.

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