Letter to the Editor

Development agencies should be easily accessible

Dear Sir,
I WISH to use your paper to make some observations about some government development agencies.In 2013 Government approved a very long awaited decentralisation policy.
The intention of this policy is among other functions to improve service delivery at provincial, district and lower community levels.
Essentially the decentralisation policy is meant to be a practical rather than a theoretical tool of government so that it promotes both economic and social development .
In view of the foregoing, one would doubtlessly expect that Government development agencies, especially those that deal with the promotion of entrepreneurship such as the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA), the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) and the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA), to mention but a few, should have their presence all over the country. But alas, they are all in Lusaka!! Hats -off to Patents and Company Registration Agency (PACRA) for responding to the decentralisation policy. They (PACRA) have offices in every province. The other institutions should follow suit.
Government initiatives such as the women and youth empowerment fund will not achieve their very well intended purposes if citizens will always have to travel to Lusaka to access whatever information and support they may need from these agencies.
Even with information communication technology (ICT) platforms such as the internet in place, not every person has access to them and such people will always need to be given service through physical contact by employees of the development agencies.
Hence the need for their (development agencies’) presence at provincial and district levels in line with the decentralisation policy.
The onus rests on ministers responsible for these statutory bodies to push for the suggested move.
Kapiri Mposhi

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