‘Dethroning Chief Chiyengele illegal’

LITUNGA Imwiko Lubosi II consulting with his induna during the installation of Nyumbu Kashengula as Chief Chiyengele in Limulunga district of Western Province recently. PICTURE: KALUMBA CHIBABILA/ZANIS

THE Mbunda Royal Establishment says the replacement of its reigning Chief Chiyengele of Musuwa in Limulunga, Josia Litiya Nyumbu, by the Litunga of the Lozi people, Imwiko Lubosi II, is illegal.
On Saturday, the Litunga coronated Nyumbu Kashengula as the new chief, an action which has not gone down well with the Mbunda Royal Establishment.
Mbunda Royal Council national chairperson Biemba Maliti said yesterday that the Litunga’s action to dethrone Josia Litiya Nyumbu was null and void because the Litunga has no authority to appoint a Lozi to preside over Mbunda affairs.

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