Letter to the Editor

‘Destination Luapula’ re-ignited through Expo

Dear editor,
IT IS so refreshing to see the vision of “Destination Luapula” being re-ignited through the Luapula Expo. Luapula Province minister Nickson

Chilangwa has raised the bar of the dream we launched together in 2008. I commend him highly for standing out to make Luapula Destination a reality. I pray that Mr Chilangwa and his administration will be supported to actualise the whole dream of making Luapula the gem of Zambia.
I salute the team that has made this a possibility. I also salute Mr Chimwemwe Nyirenda (AfriCast), Mr Martin Sodala, Mrs Leah M’hango Nsokolo, Mr Chilangwa and the provincial administration team of 2008 who were part of the 2008 Destination Luapula; our efforts were not in vain.
See where Mr Chilangwa has pushed the dream to.
My vision was to make Luapula Province the most preferred destination in Zambia.
Former permanent secretary for Luapula Province

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