Letter to the Editor

Desperate situations require desperate action

Dear editor,
I WOKE up on Sunday morning to the news that one of our neighbours in Kitwe’s Zamtan area had been attacked by people who are spraying people in their homes at night. People in the neighbourhood were all alarmed and managed to chase the sprayers but did not apprehend one.
The question is: when is the Police and other security wings coming in to help the vulnerable citizens? This is not a matter of investigation anymore because the perpetrators are becoming dangerous by the day and innocent lives are constantly being endangered without much protection, if any.
The Copperbelt police chief (Charity Katanga) needs to realise that this matter is more serious than ever before. When people have cried and voice messages circulated on social media to warn about the seriousness of the attackers, it is because they care and want to alert people to avoid unnecessary loss of life and valuable properties. You, too, madam commissioner (Katanga) needs to at least take such concerns seriously.
May I suggest that Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu and team move in to help police by engaging the Zambia Army to tackle this problem, and help bring perpetrators to book and be dealt with sternly by the long arm of the law? When there was cholera during the 2018/19 rainy season, which to me was a lighter matter than the ‘sprayers’, the Zambia Army were called in to contain the situation. Why can’t we engage them, especially from Mushili Barracks, to deal with such serious matters rather than wait for lives to be lost before the police start ‘investigations’, which may not yield any results?
This matter is real and is getting worse daily. Chingola riots could not have started if the matter was addressed with seriousness from the word go. I don’t think people will start rioting if there is no anxiety. Why have other towns not rioted but Chingola? I feel there was a problem caused by anxiety, which was not timely addressed.
Kitwe is now under siege by the evil attackers. Don’t wait for the worst to happen before police move in to protect the innocent and vulnerable citizens. Please, move in and fast by patrolling the areas to ensure safety of innocent people, especially the children.
Christians too need to go down on their knees and pray against such evil acts and not just concentrate on talking about miracle money all the time.

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