Letter to the Editor

Desecration of the Zambian flag

Dear editor,
MAY I bring to your attention an incident that left me greatly

Last week on Saturday, June 3, 2017, I was completely taken aback when I saw the Zambian flag, not even hoisted properly, on an upright pole and looking very neglected, lying on the ground at Twapia health centre.
I know that the flag should be treated with some degree of respect. It is a symbol of our pride and identity as a nation.
There is an urgent need to have the citizenry rekindle their sense of national pride through patriotic conduct, which was sadly lacking at this place, judging from what I witnessed with regard to the flag.
It is only in so doing that, as a country, we can all be inspired to apply ourselves to hard work with a shared sense of purpose in serving the country, whose symbol of authority is represented by the flag, which must ‘proudly’ fly on every government institution.
May the powers that be please speak to Twapia Clinic management to avoid this kind of sacrilege and take care of the Zambian flag, an important symbol of our national identity.
Ndanda Siinji

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