Denise reflects personal growth through music

DUBLIN – In Ireland’s blooming hip-hop scene, the name Denise Chaila holds regal status. The Limerick MC’s first ‘Duel Citizenship’ EP in 2019 announced the arrival of a mesmeric, call-to-attention voice, one who could dismantle sexism over grime beats, and then elucidate the meaning of her Zambian-Irish identity with Maya Angelou gravitas.
The rapper, poet and singer’s ascent is founded on close collaboration with fellow Irish MCs, including members of the award-winning Rusangano Family, MuRli Bo and God Knows, and Dublin’s Sim Simma Soundsystem. From her musical family to her solo output, Denise has gradually become a spokesperson for the Black Irish experience. “I learned how to be Irish/ knowing that some people would always think/ that I was beyond the pale”, she says on ‘Duel Citizenship’, shining a light on the hardship that comes with finding your space in a hyper-traditional and historically monocultural country. CLICK

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