Delay Zambia Airways launch

THE launch of Zambia Airways planned for next year April should be shelved until the country’s debt position improves to avoid accumulating more costs, the Centre for Trade Policy and Development (CTPD) says.
Government plans to spend US$ 30 million as initial investment while the full implementation of the project will require US$ 100 million.
CTPD researcher Bright Chizonde appealed to Government to re-evaluate the cost implications of re-launching Zambia Airways since the country’s debt situation would deteriorate due to the bail-out payment required to keep the national airline operational until it breaks even.
“Zambia’s re-entry into the airline market will be both costly and risky. The decision to launch a national carrier, though well intended, is not prudent considering Zambia’s current financial and macroeconomic situation,” Mr Chizonde said.

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