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Defilement cases on increase in Kafue

THE Kafue District Hospital gender-based violence one-stop centre has been recording three defilement cases every week.
Kafue District Hospital gender -based violence one-stop centre coordinator Diana Daka is concerned with the increasing number of girls being sexually abused in the district.
Ms Daka said in an interview yesterday the latest gender-based violence case against girls in the district happened on Monday when a seven-year-old pupil of Kasaka Basic School was sexually assaulted by a man on her way home from school with her friends.
“We [one-stop centre] receive at least three reports of gender-based violence cases against the girl child and just this week, a man grabbed a seven-year-old school girl, dragged her into the bush and sexually assaulted her.
“The girl, who was admitted to Kafue district hospital, was found with semen on her mouth while her face was swollen and was bleeding from the nose,” she said.
Ms Daka said the suspected defiler only identified as Prince has since been apprehended.
She said there is need to educate boys on the need to respect women so that they can grow into men who will frown upon all forms of gender-based violence, especially against girls.
And in a separate interview, the girl’s grandmother described the sexual assault as traumatising for the girl.
“The girl told us that the man abused her after he led her into the bush after lying to her that she needed to go back to school to write a test.
“She was only rescued by passers-by, who took her to the hospital,” Ms Grace Bwalya said.

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