Letter to the Editor

Declare Chilubi mainland as a district

Dear editor,
I WISH to express my displeasure at the rate at which development is being executed in Chilubi District.
The district is divided into two parts, that is the island and the mainland.
Much as the island covers swamps surrounding Lake Bangweulu, the mainland covers the largest part with areas such as Chichile and Kasansa partly covered by both the mainland and the island on the swamps of the lake.
However, there is only one Member of Parliament for both parts of the district to speak for the people and spearhead the projects for both parts.
You will find that if the MP is from the island, most developmental projects will be concentrated on the island and the mainland suffers delays in the implementation of the crucial projects.
I am therefore imploring Government to quickly look into this matter and declare the mainland as a district in order to have an MP who will work with the people within that area without giving excuses of having too much to attend to on both parts of the district.
Chilubi District

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