Debt leads to suicide attempt

A 25-YEAR-OLD man overwhelmed by debt decided to end his life by jumping from a communication tower, but the suicide flopped as he was counselled out of the deadly mission.
Barry Mupansa climbed the 80-metre communication tower around 12:00hours near Kabwe Institute of Technology and people only saw him when he was on top ready to make the deathly plunge.
“The reason why I am doing this is I got a loan and I can’t pay,” Mupansa, who was in a confused state and looked exhausted, said after he was rescued.
He said he got a loan of K50,000 in 2015 and after deductions, he gets K1,700 as take-home pay.
Mupansa, who works for a security wing where he is farm manager, said he also got goods on credit from a businessman, who was pressuring him to clear the debt.
“I have tried to explain to my family but no-one understands me and I have been chased from home,” he said as scores of on-lookers surged forward to catch a glimpse of him.


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