Letter to the Editor

Death of Ben Kangwa huge loss

Dear editor,
FORMER broadcaster at the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), and diplomat to the United States of America (USA), Ben Kangwa died on Wednesday October 17, 2018 at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH). He died of kidney failure at the age of 63.
The demise of Mr. Kangwa is indeed a huge loss to his family, the journalism fraternity and the country at large. The late broadcaster has a broadcasting career spanning for more than three decades. He contributed to the development of journalism in our country.
During his career, he mentored many journalists particularly those who worked at the national broadcaster, ZNBC. If there is one thing I can remember about Mr. Kangwa; it is this one: He served the country with diligence. Furthermore, he interviewed high profile people both in Zambia and from other countries.
However, he ably anchored the programme “The Race To Manda Hill.” This is a programme in which presidential aspirants are interviewed prior to the presidential election. The candidates are afforded an opportunity to articulate their development agenda for the country.
Mr Kangwa’s unwavering service to the country in the journalism fraternity earned him diplomatic portfolios. He was first appointed as press secretary to the United States of America and later as deputy ambassador to the same state by late president Michael Chilufya Sata. He was recalled by President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in 2016.
At the time of his death, he was a media consultant, offering services in the journalism industry. The good works of Mr. Kangwa will outlive him. Go well Ben. You ran your race and fought a good fight.
He is survived by a wife and two children. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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