Letter to the Editor

Deal with HIV test kit thieves

Dear editor,
THE Kafue General Hospital HIV test kits theft scandal made sad reading. People who need to be tested were being turned away due to the non-availability of the test kits.I therefore request Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya to deal with the culprits at Kafue General Hospital to set a precedent to would-be offenders.
Government has built a number of health institutions in the country with a view to improving health service delivery but some people have chosen to frustrate the efforts, which is so disappointing. How can people entrusted to look after medical essentials, for that matter life-saving test kits, want to manipulate the proper auditing process! Who does that? Which patriotic Zambian does that?
Please may relevant authorities look into the matter because if some members of staff at Kafue General Hospital are doing it, it means many others are doing it elsewhere as well. We have to stop this theft without fail. Kudos to the whistle-blower.

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