Deadly virus re-infects MPs

TWO Members of Parliament (MPs) have been re-infected with coronavirus.
This follows a mass screening at the National Assembly of Zambia on Monday in preparation for resumption of sittings.
The two were part of the 15 MPs who tested positive for COVID-19 following mass screening exercise at the same premises two months ago.
Lead infectious diseases specialist Lloyd Mulenga, however, said in an interview yesterday that despite being re-infected, the two MPs cannot transmit the virus because it is dead.
“When one contracts the virus, it lives between 10 to 14 days in a person’s body, thereafter, it dies. But a person can still test positive to the virus because of the sensitivity of our machines.
“So, we have to monitor the two Members of Parliament and see how they will progress. But we have nothing to worry about because once a virus is dead, it cannot spread,” he said.
Professor Mulenga said the two lawmakers are asymptomatic. – CLICK TO READ MORE

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