Letter to the Editor

De-register violent political parties

Dear editor,
IN THE interest of our beloved Zambia, I call upon the Registrar of Societies and Electoral Commission of Zambia to critically look into the issue of political violence especially during elections.The scourge is not only undemocratic but also primitive and barbaric. So many years after attaining Independence, the country cannot afford to be held hostage by politically and intellectually bankrupt individuals with life threatening appetite for power.
The violence reported in the just-ended Chilanga parliamentary by-election speaks volumes of the viciousness of a named political party to win an election at all costs.
As a peace-loving, I wish to know why such a party should not be de-registered for the sake of peace, unity and stability of our nation.
It is now clear that most of the opposition political parties in this country just exist for their own selfish interest and they are the worst enemies of our country. Their message to the Zambian people is always characterised by insults and vulgar language targeted at their opponents.
They have ganged up with questionable media houses and organisations with sinister motives to slander, blackmail and propagate their odorous message against the government in power. Little do they know that Zambians are smarter than them and will not buy in to such type of cheap propaganda.
They have taken advantage of high level of humility, maturity and tolerance exhibited by our beloved President to propagate all sorts of vices with the aim of scavenging for political support.
This even negates the whole essence of national political dialogue because the real problem hinges on personality which cannot be easily resolved over round table discussion.
The bottom line is that they are not relevant to the interest of our country and therefore deserve to be de-registered.
May the Almighty God continue to guide our nation.

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