Day of prayer wins MP’s support

MINISTER of Justice Edgar Lungu (left) and Patriotic Front member Emanuel Chilubanama during a church service for Evangelical Church of Zambia in Lusaka yesterday. PICTURE: ANGELA MWENDA.

KEEMBE member of Parliament (MP) Ronnie Shikapwasha (MMD) has commended President Lungu for declaring October 18 as a day for repentance, prayer and fasting.
Contributing to the motion of thanks to President Lungu’s address to the ceremonial opening of Parliament, Lieutenant General Shikapwasha told the House on Wednesday night that seeking God’s intervention and guidance in the governance of the country is the best any President can do.
“For President Lungu to specifically declare a day for all people to be in the presence of God is a clear indication of his realisation that the country needs God’s intervention,” Gen Shikapwasha said.
He said God is the giver and provider of wisdom which can be used in the governance of the country.
Gen Shikapwasha said he believes President Lungu is genuine in his call for prayer and fasting and should be supported by all people.
“I am happy because the call for prayer and fasting is the best part of President Lungu’s speech, he has realised the challenges the country is facing. Unless the nation turns to God, the problems of the nation will not be solved,” Gen Shikapwasha said.
“God always answers prayer on his terms and conditions, not our terms and conditions and that people should plan and operate following God’s conditions and terms,” he said.
This, he said, includes maximising right living which can only be attained by people humbling themselves before God and transforming their lives.
He said it is important for Zambians to understand that all must repent and turn to God.
Gen Shikapwasha said the problems Zambia is facing are big.
“There has never been a time when the currency has performed so badly, depreciating to over 45 percent,” Gen Shikapwasha said
He emphasised the need to support the President’s call for prayers starting with the top leadership in Government and advising him accordingly.
“Government should ensure that these prayers are held in all parts of the country and not only the Cathedral of the Holy Cross,” he said.
President Lungu, in his opening address to the fifth session of the 11th National Assembly, declared October 18 as the day of repentance, prayer and fasting.

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