Davao’s ‘Yanga Sili Common’ on video


LOCAL female dancehall duo Davao will next Friday be expected to release a video for their song Yanga Sili Common, on which Slap D features.

The song, whose production was started by Cleo Gz before Kekero added the finishing touches, was praised by critics when it was released early this year. It has been receiving a lot of airplay on radio and busted some charts upon release including the Radio Phoenix Local Rhythms Countdown. But the duo reckoned the video would be the most talked about dancehall video.
Well, it will be out next week.
The duo, Dalisto Phiri (Dalivao) and Annie Phiri (Anivao), although relatively new, have been around for some time now. In 2015, they were nominated for the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation’s Born & Bred Music Video Awards in the Best Upcoming Female artiste category.
“We prepared for this video for a long time we just hope and pray that our fans will love it because we dedicated ourselves to the acts,” Anivao told the Weekend Mail.
She said that they started working on their video when they realised that the song was appreciated by their fans and that because it is important to add the visual part to the song.
“The song is very good and just can’t play without the video, we thought that because it is a dance hall song, it deserves to be put on a professional video,” she said.
“The first video we did was received so well by the members of the public; it really opened our music career, even after releasing this song, our fans supported us a lot by requesting for a video… Slap D is on the video and yes it is worth watching.”
Meanwhile, Dalivao has urged their fans to watch out for the song titled Chosa, which was released recently.
“We’ve a new song titled Chosa and this one, we know our fans will love, just stay glued to your radio and you will be hearing it,” she said.

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