Danny Kaya lights up Tuskers’ stage

DANNY Kaya is not one to take his live performances lightly. This was evident last Saturday when he graced the Kabwe Tuskers Hotel stage.
Danny, who has since produced his ninth studio album, The Graduate, was the musical highlight at the Kabwe Chamber of Commerce and Industry annual gala dinner.
Backed by The More Fire Band, Danny delivered an exceptional performance.
Despite invitations for people to join him on stage, they remained glued to their chairs but sang along.
It took much insistence by Danny and mobile operator Airtel’s attractive giveaways for a few brave members of the audience to finally approach the stage.
They showcased their dancing skills to the delight of those who remained seated.
Danny punctuated the business event with some of his household songs from albums such as Mvelani, Ama Loving’i, Yakumbuyo, Kaya, Champion and Live.
Popular songs such as Zimine Wachita, As Long As, Muzi and Musanisule were heard on the night.
Danny’s ‘dancing king’ also kept the audience fascinated and yearning for more while the More Fire Band preceded Danny by playing some soothing jazz music.

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