Danny awarded

DANNY Kaya entertains fans at the Fusion Nightclub on Friday. PICTURE: SHIKANDA KAWANGA

WHILE everyone was complaining about being confined to home during the partial lockdown in March and the few months that followed, Danny Kaya introduced live performances on Facebook.
Dubbed Danny in Quarantine, the hour-hour almost daily shows which garnered a faithful following kept fans entertained while urging them to adhere to the health protocols to avoid the spread of the coronavirus pandemic – mask up, sanitise regularly and maintain social distancing were the key messages.
With the country having opened up, Danny is on a country-wide tour dubbed Mask Up.
But that is not all. Some of his songs like Kaya, Live, Joni and Naina Manje, while highly entertaining, have sought to influence behavioural change.
His fans have long recognised this. But now, the Zambia Health Research Centre (ZHRC) have put this officially on record.
On Wednesday, ZRHC recognised Danny as the most outstanding artiste for his consistency and contribution in sending health awareness messages through his music.
The show which was running for an hour, almost every day during the lockdown period and had a large following did not go about without Danny emphasising on the need to wash hands, masking up and social distancing.
He did that for over a month.
Danny told the Weekend Mail that he is humbled to be recognised by an institution that is not even in the line of music business.
“I did not see it coming, but for the time and energy I put into the quarantine music, I was not surprised,” he said. “I believed it also played a role in my recognition.”
Danny said he believes in not only entertaining but also informing his fans on relevant matters especially on health.
“I feel where I mostly perform from is a right platform and age group to talk to,” he said. “It only makes sense to me when I entertain and also take life serious and address issues on HIV and other life vices.”
This is not the first time Danny, who has been in the industry for 20 years and has 10 albums to his name, has been recognised in health circles.
In 2017, he was recognised by the Zambia Medical Association (ZMA) for his contribution to the fight against HIV/AIDS through music.

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