Dalisoul, Macky II date Samfya


THE small peaceful town of Samfya in Luapula Province last weekend hosted musicians, Macky II and Dalisoul as part of a lively beach show held at the Samfya Marines Lodge.
The event not only attracted Samfya dwellers, but patrons from around Luapula Province who gathered by the shores of Lake Bangweulu for an enjoyable time in the sand and sun.
Organisers of the show mounted a stage on the sand, where patrons gathered around.
When it was time to entertain the Luapula dwellers, Dalisoul, aka Mwana wamu Komboni, did not disappoint as he performed a series of his most popular tracks from over the years.
His stage dancing skills were appreciated by the crowd as were the dance moves displayed by his dancing kings.
Among the songs he performed at the show were hits such as ‘Shansha’ and ‘Kamalasha’, which features Luapula’s finest, Chester of the ‘Banjo’ fame.
Others were ‘Chikanda Mbwelenge’, on which he collaborated with Chester; ‘Musunge Mushe’ and ‘Chipyango’.
“We have just been hearing about this beach and now here we are and if the organisers want us to go on till tomorrow, who am I to refuse?” an excited Dalisoul told the audience during his energetic set.
He told his fans to look forward to his new single, which is likely to hit the airwaves in December.
The song, which Dalisoul anticipates will be a hit among his fans, is titled ‘Ma Files’. Through it, he is encouraging Zambians to work hard and not just sleep and wait for their names to be called.
Dalisoul said it doesn’t matter the description of one’s job because everyone is required to push hard in life.
After Dalisoul had finished performing, DJ Links from Lusaka took over the mixer for a bit and treated the gathering to some of the most happening jams from within and outside Zambia as patrons danced happily on the sand.
The crowd went into frenzied excitement when Macky II, aka Mulaza Kaira, emerged on stage.
His set was a mix of tracks from his first to his recently released album dubbed ‘Ghetto President’.
Macky II performed hits such as ‘Lolo lolo’, ‘Favour’, ‘Google’, ‘Umutima Wandi’, ‘Mama Rebecca’, and ‘Everything is Better’.
At the end of the show, both Dalisoul and Macky II gave their Luapula fans a memorable moment worth the trip to the famed Samfya beach.

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