Letter to the Editor

Daily Mail, ZNBC’s improved service delivery

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to commend Zambia Daily Mail and Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) for employing extensive perseverance and determination.
Determination is the quality of being determined to do or achieve something. Nevertheless, perseverance is the continuous and persistent determination, the act of repeating certain behaviour.
This is exactly what both ZNBC and Zambia Daily Mail have done. They have improved their service delivery despite massive opposition. Did you know that bees don’t miss the root of collecting nectar by following the sound produced by wings from other bees in the same root? Did you know why they don’t get astray, by following sound from wings produced by houseflies? Bees are very much focused on their general objectives of making honey.
You too can provide quality sounds which can help the mentioned public media houses to improve their service delivery through valid advice and words of acknowledgements when they do something extraordinary.
For example, Zambia Daily Mail has improved when it comes to supplying papers.
It has also improved picture quality, stories and editing both news and articles into something interesting to read. On the other side, ZNBC has also extensively improved in both sound and picture quality. They have connected many districts to the national media grid with quality TV and radio signals.
Let us learn to appreciate our local public media houses, they really feel motivated. One interesting thing is that the workers are very hospitable, so they are very much ready to receive you and hear your valid advice. I would love to appreciate our local public media houses for the efforts displayed so far.
Kindly know that, in everything you do, some people will always intimidate you. But if you don’t want to get intimidated in life, don’t say or do anything and you shall remain nothing.
Feira Extension, Luangwa


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