Daily Mail, ACC join hands in graft fight

NEBAT Mbewe.

ZAMBIA Daily Mail Limited managing director Nebat Mbewe has urged employees to work closely with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in identifying

risk factors for corruption in the newspaper company.
Mr Mbewe said individual employees should uphold high levels of integrity and ensure that remedial measures are implemented in areas of their operations to reduce vulnerability corruption in the company.
He said this here yesterday during the official opening of the managerial accountability workshop for the Daily Mail.
“Take advantage of this workshop to share challenges, best practices and other anti-corruption measures which our company may adopt or implement to have effective and efficient public service delivery systems.
“Disseminate the information which you will acquire from this workshop to your colleagues and stakeholders and also utilise the technical knowledge that the ACC has in this area to come up with measures that will continuously improve our systems,” Mr Mbewe said.
Mr Mbewe pledged management’s commitment in ensuring that the corruption vulnerability assessment process is completed expeditiously.
He said employees have a significant role to play in ensuring matters of integrity receive the attention from both management and members of staff.
“All of us are change agents that need to sensitise our colleagues and fellow employees on the great impact that corruption has on service delivery and the development of the nation as a whole,” he said.
And ACC acting director-general Kapetwa Phiri said corruption vulnerability assessment is a tool in the integrity development programme that is meant to help institutions identify areas of operational weakness that need to be addressed before they give rise to corrupt practices and other vices.
Mr Phiri said the national integrity programme, which is part of the national anti-corruption policy, has been designed to facilitate the institutionalisation of corruption prevention in both public and private institutions.
He said this is meant to ensure institutions own the fight against corruption and take practical measures that will facilitate the efficient and effective delivery of public services.
“I am confident that with this partnership that has been created between our institutions, we shall see a changed or revolutionised Zambia Daily Mail in both its operations and in the personal conduct of its staff.

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