Letter to the Editor

Curb fake churches

Dear editor,
I AM a victim of the same Fake Prophets found in Lusaka. My beautiful daughter and my wife are dead because of the same so-called men of God (prophets) who ended the lives of my daughter and wife.
I am calling upon the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs to come to the aid of the nation to make a stiff law as these quacks are in the country doing wrong things instead of preaching the word of God for salvation.
They are charging desperate people a lot of money, an act of daylight robbery. I humbly ask Government to institute investigations into activities of these churches. A lot of people attending their services unknowingly end up losing lives in the same way my wife and daughter died early this year.
Some of these churches are a reincarnation of Lumpha Lenshina church of the 1960s, when a lot of people died before the Government came in.
Please, the fate of my wife and my daughter cannot be in vain. Government should come in and bring sanity. There is a lot of wickedness in these churches.
I call upon the police, Ministry of Religious Affairs, office of the President and Ministry of Home Affairs to probe these churches. If action is not taken now, I foresee another Lumpa Church which killed a lot of Zambian citizens in Northern and Eastern provinces. May our God help us, please.

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