Letter to the Editor

Cry of defiled children too loud!

Dear editor,
IT IS sad that the most vulnerable groups who cannot fend for themselves are at risk again.
The number of children being defiled in Zambia has continued to increase dramatically.
This problem continues to plague Zambia’s children. In addition, it accelerates the spread of HIV and AIDS.
The reason given by perpetrators is that it was an act of evil spirits or demons in them.
We think this is an excuse for them to put the blame on something or somebody else.
You hear of an energetic 40-something-year-old man pulling his own daughter from the baby cot to do the unthinkable to her.
You hear of men sodomising little boys, who are mostly their relatives, and what about the ordained men of God who choose to defile the innocent and later blame demons?
The cases of defilement and sodomy are becoming too common, but we should not make them part of our existence.
The stiff laws are not stiff enough; it seems there is need for public dissemination of the Sexual Offences Act and make the laws stiffer if they are not stiff enough.

Executive director,
Advocacy for Child Justice,

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