Crop diversification vital for economy

ACCORDING to the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP), the economy will be diversified to reduce over-dependence on the extractive industries, especially copper mining.
Agriculture will be modernised to improve productivity and prioritise value addition through agro-industries as the bedrock of transitioning to an industrialised economy.
The agriculture sector was, therefore, identified as the major engine for attaining economic diversification and subsequently growth.
Civil society organisations submitted that the agriculture sector should promote food security as the country is endowed with abundant arable land and conducive climatic conditions.
The 7NDP states that for the sector to deliver to expectation, there is need for increased production and productivity, and promotion of value addition to crops and livestock, which will improve foreign exchange earnings and stimulate job creation.
Small, medium and large-scale farmers are expanding the growing of CLICK TO READ MORE

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