Letter to the Editor

Create training areas, running tracks

Dear editor,
I WISH to commend Government for steps taken to encourage citizens to undertake regular exercise in an effort to keep fit, stay healthy and protect themselves from diseases.
President Edgar Lungu’s morning exercise routine has encouraged many leaders to take up exercise and in the process these have motivated employees in their respective companies.
Many citizens have also joined Makungu Munyembe’s defined style health and fitness drive that sees them attending several aerobics sessions at NASDEC and around the country.
My appeal is that Government should make exercise easier for all citizens by creating running tracks and public gyms within neighbourhoods.
Public play parks should also be revived to allow families space to take their children to play and run around, while at the same time providing space for aerobics or exercise for caretakers.
These could be managed by the local councils and accessed by all for a very minimal fee, and the whoe country will be taking the same steps towards staying healthy.

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