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Court sends teenager to Katombora reformatory facility for murder

THE Kitwe High Court has sent a 17-year-old boy of Chingola to Katombora Reformatory School for two years for burning to death a 30-year-old man with petrol.
This is in a case in which the juvenile offender was facing one count of murder, contrary to section 200 of the Penal Code.
Particulars of the offence are that the boy on August 9, 2015, jointly and whilst acting together with others, did murder Ackim Mufwempa.
Changa Mabanti, 25, a probation officer from the Department of Social Welfare, said it was unfortunate that the organisation has this year recorded a lot of murder cases involving juveniles due to peer pressure and lack of control by parents.
She, however, urged the court to place the boy on two years’ probation so that he could undergo counselling and possibly become a better citizen.
Justice Isaac Kamwendo said he had considered the social welfare report and that the juvenile was a first offender.
“After taking into consideration the social welfare report, I will issue a probation order, as well as send you to a reformatory school for two years. Within this period, you should behave well and not engage in unlawful activities,” Mr Kamwendo said.
During trial, Steven Mufwempa, testified that on the material day, he was awakened by his young sister, who informed him that the juvenile had burnt his young brother Ackim, to death.
When Steven rushed to the scene, he found the deceased with severe burns around his body and the skin was completely ripped off.
Ackim died the same day.

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