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Court recommended murder charge for soldier


AN INQUIRY into the death of a 25-year-old man of Mufulira who died from a bullet wound last year has revealed that he was shot by a Zambian soldier. The Mufulira Magistrate’s Court undertook the inquiry and has recommended that the soldier be charged with murder. Felix Mwape, 44, a soldier, allegedly shot Charles Chiluba on February 18, 2020 while he (Mr Chiluba) was conducting patrols with nine colleagues. During the inquest, the court summoned 14 witnesses, who gave account of what transpired. Dickson Mulenga, 21, testified that he, together with Mr Chiluba and others, was conducting motorised patrols on the fateful day before they spotted an army motor vehicle with armed uniformed soldiers. Mr Mulenga said the soldiers disembarked from the vehicle and questioned them on what they were doing. He said the soldiers ordered them to CLICK TO READ MORE

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