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Court marries PF poll injunctions

HIGH Court.

THE Lusaka High Court has consolidated two applications for an injunction filed by Patriotic Front (PF) members Gershom Mumba and Mulenga Fube in which the two have sought a court ruling on how the political party should select its presidential candidate.
Mr Mumba had filed that the PF candidate be elected through a general conference but Mr Fube on Friday filed an application for an injunction asking the High Court to bar the ruling party from holding a general conference.
Speaking to journalists after the hearing in Judge Mwila Chitoba’s chambers yesterday, Mr Fube’s lawyer, Keith Mweemba, said the judge had given the parties the direction on how to proceed.
He said the court would today serve the two parties the defendant’s response and then the matter would come up for ruling on Friday.
He said the ruling will be whether to grant an interim injunction or not because both parties are claiming injunctions.
According to an application filed before the High Court, Mr Fube sued Mrs Bridget Atanga as acting PF secretary general asking the court to compel her to follow the procedure, as stipulated in the party constitution, in selecting a presidential candidate.
He submitted that the announcement to hold a general conference was made without the consultation and consent of the Central Committee and the National Council of the party as envisaged by the PF constitution.

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