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Court fines man for ‘bleached skin’ remarks

THE Buchi local court has ordered a 30-year-old woman of Chimwemwe township to pay K1,500 to a woman of the same area for insulting her

and referring to her facial skin as burnt.
This is in a case in which Ruth Tembo, 47, dragged Mulenga Robertson Mulenga, 30, to court demanding compensation for insults.
Tembo narrated that on July 9, this year, as she was preparing to go to church, Robertson’s brother, Joe, approached her to inquire if she [Tembo] had been told to vacate the house.
She narrated that she was a tenant of Robertson’s family house but she dealt with the older children namely Melinda and Carol on rental issues.
Tembo narrated that Joe started threatening to burn her inside the house if she did not move out of the house and that this prompted her to report the matter to the police who gave her a call out for Joe but he ignored it.
She said Joe instead started to insult her.
Later, Robertson, whose name also appeared on the call out approached Tembo and started hurling insults at her.
In apparent reference to Tembo’s bleached skin, Robertson teased the plaintiff for having a scorched face.
“She told me that waba ukulungula pamenso [you have a burnt face],” Tembo said.
She pleaded with the court to teach Robertson to have respect for elders.
But Robertson, who admitted insulting Tembo told the court that he was upset with the plaintiff for defaming her and telling people that she was taking Anti-retro viral drugs.
She complained that the plaintiff always referred to her [Robertson] a moving corpse that would die anytime.
Robertson testified that Tembo also liked calling her a prostitute and swearing that she would never get married.
Magistrates Elita Bwalya and Caroline Mbewe ordered Robertson to compensate Tembo with K1,500 which he should pay in monthly instalments of K150 starting from August month-end.
The court advised Robertson to respect elders especially those renting their family home.

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