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Couple turn near-divorce into reconcilliation

IN AN unlikely turn of events, a couple who had dragged each other to court for divorce, changed their minds and opted for reconciliation.
Kelly Ngoma, 29 and his wife Ruth Ngoma, 23, of Zingalume Township shocked the Matero local court when midway through their court hearing; they informed the court that they were no longer interested in divorcing.
Before senior court magistrates Lewis Mumba and Pauline Newa were Kelly who had sued his wife for divorce. The Ngomas got married in 2008 and have two children together. Bride price was paid.
In his statement, Kelly said Ruth was in the habit of packing her belongings each time the couple had an argument.
“I have to beg her to come back home each time she leaves and that is so annoying because I never ask her to pack and go back to her parents’ home. She also likes to drag me to court for the silliest of arguments,” he said.
Kelly said they have been on an on and off type of relationship in the seven years they have been married.
But Ruth told the court that she is not ready to divorce her husband now that he is financially stable.
“I met him when he had nothing, we struggled together and now that we are finally secure I can’t leave him for anyone. I have done a lot for him to be where he is now. There is no way he can want to divorce me, he is still my husband,” she said.
However, in his submission, Kelly rescinded his decision and told the court that he wanted to reconcilliation.
The court in passing judgment dismissed the claim because both parties wanted to be reconciled.

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