Couple fined 3 cows over grave rituals

A COUPLE of Munkanta village was allegedly found naked chanting and putting charms on tombs at a cemetery at night.
Chief Munkanta received a tip that the couple had been going to Chifunda graveyard to practise witchcraft.
The chief instructed his retainers to confirm the reports and discovered that the couple was indeed going to the graveyard at night.
Chief Munkanta confirmed the incident, which happened on Tuesday.
“The couple, Peter Daka, and his wife, Iness Daka, of Domino village, were found chanting at a graveyard. The two had put charms on the graveyards and they were also found bathing,” he said.
The traditional leader said after the couple was interrogated and could not give satisfactory answers, he ordered them to pay three cows. CLICK TO READ MORE

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