Cost of sexual enhancers

BEDROOM sweets.

DORCUS Kangwa, 32, of John Howard township in Lusaka is a strong believer in sexual enhancers. She uses the medicines to please her husband in bed, so she says. She believes doing so prevents him from experimenting outside their matrimonial home.
She says men who are not fully satisfied in bed end up cheating on their wives or partners while looking for greener pasture. She said apart from food, good sex is also a way of making a relationship or marriage strong.
Dorcus, who has been married twice, says she has learnt a lot things from her late and current husband.
“For some of us, we were taught certain things at an early age after attaining puberty because of staying with my grandmother,” she says.
“I was taught how to take care of a man and attend to his needs. When I was getting married, my grandmother emphasised on the need for me to be the best in bed because lacking in that area is what makes men cheat.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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