Letter to the Editor

Corporate world, complement Government’s efforts

Dear editor,
WITH high unemployment levels especially among the youth, it is time that the corporate world played their part of complementing Government’s efforts.
The corporate world can think of employing young people over holidays and weekends as a way of mitigating the challenges associated with unemployment.
This initiative would be part of their corporate social responsibility as well as help Government deal with this problem.
By offering part-time jobs, the corporate world would help reduce the effects of poverty in most communities as well as give young people the much-needed experience and skills that are usually demanded for.
Furthermore, part-time jobs would help to instil a sense of responsibility in young people and reduce the numbers of those who involve themselves in bad behaviour.
This idea has worked well in the most developed communities, and if implemented here, there’s a possibility it can also empower young people who have challenges of paying education fees and other related costs.

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