Letter to the Editor

Corporate taxes and job creation

Dear editor,
IN THIS budget cycle, I strongly believe we need to critically look at industries that should and could be contributing immensely to the gross domestic product (GDP) but are not due to taxes levied on them, industries such as textiles and tannery, aviation to list a few.I am of the view that for Zambia to create jobs and lift its citizens out of poverty, we need sector-tailored taxation system not a blanket tax for all industries.
I propose a tax not more than 30 percent for potential GDP-driving industries that are not contributing, but are majority-owned and controlled by Zambians for a period of at least 10 years.
The reduced taxation will not harm us because there’s little contributions already.
We can maintain Pay As You Earn at current levels in the hope that these industries will employ more taxable earners.

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