Continue with President Sata’s development agenda, politicians urged

CHIEF Chikwanda of the Bemba-speaking people of Mpika has implored politicians is to continue with President Sata’s development agenda for the country.
The traditional leader said in an interview at his palace on Monday that the best way to mourn, remember and honour President Sata is to continue and finish his vision of developing Zambia.
“It is sad that we have lost a great and gallant leader in President Sata. Personally, I am deeply hurt and very sad for this loss.
“But what is needed of these politicians or whoever will take over from him is to continue and ensure that his vision of developing Zambia is fulfilled and completed,” Chief Chikwanda said.
He said President Sata marketed his development agenda to all citizens and it will be regrettable for politicians to ignore his dream of transforming Zambia through development.
The chief said construction of health institutions, schools, universities and roads, electrifying rural areas and provision of safe and clean water to all Zambians are some examples of Mr Sata’s vision.
He said the people of Mpika will remember President Sata for the development projects he initiated in the area.
Chief Chikwanda is happy that Government has built a modern district hospital in Mpika, health posts, primary and secondary schools and a modern bus station, which is under construction.
“What makes me very happy is that a new and modern hospital has been completed here in my chiefdom. This hospital will cater for a lot of people, including my fellow chiefs from other areas.
“I cannot complain because the hospital will help to save our lives and this is the best gift a leader can give to his people. My only appeal is to the person who will take over from our departed President not to ‘blanket’ his vision but carry on with it,” he said.
Chief Chikwanda said Zambians will be happy to see President Sata’s successor continue with the country’s development agenda.
He appealed for peace and calm among Zambians
Chief Chikwanda said citizens should identify the good and not bad things that Mr Sata did when he was alive.

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