Construction works at Chalimbana University stalled

EDUCATION infrastructure projects undertaken include the construction of three classrooms at Chisenjere Primary School in Kovyane ward, and construction of three classrooms at Lutwazi Day Secondary School in Nyika ward.

CONSTRUCTION works at Chalimbana University in Chongwe have stalled because the contractor Government engaged to undertake the project has been liquidated.

The contractor, Yang Tse Jiang, was engaged in 2012 to construct 10 staff houses and hostels, among other structures, along with a sub-contractor Zengtai.
Speaking when she visited the learning institution recently, Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo said construction works at the university had stalled because the contractor has been liquidated.
“It’s not like Government has failed to fund these works but the issue is we cannot directly pay the sub-contractor to continue with the works because he can only be paid through the main contractor,” Professor Luo said.
She directed Ministry of Higher Education permanent secretary Owen Mugwemezulu to see to it that interventions are made for the construction works to resume at the university.
And Chalimbana University acting vice chancellor Jonathan Banda said the works at the institution which stalled in 2014 are in three phases.
“It’s a setback on our part because we are still struggling to have phase one completed. We thank the government for developing the infrastructure at our institution and appeal to our minister to help bring another contractor on site,” Mr Banda said.


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