Letter to the Editor

Construction of bridge in Chingola South advances

Dear editor,
I WRITE to commend the community and the two gallant former councillors for spearheading the construction of a bridge in Chingola South.

The construction of a bridge linking Chingola South and Chingola South Extension by the community is advancing well.
This bridge, when completed, will ease passage of people and vehicles from Chingola South and Lilamba to Chingola South Extension, popularly known as ‘kwa Mujomba’.
The construction is being undertaken by Able Mubambe, popularly known as ‘Konkomana’, and Hector Kambole who are both former PF councillors, in conjunction with the community.
The project is being funded by the community and the area member of Parliament Mathew Nkhuwa.
The people in the area have had transport problems because no vehicles are able to reach the other end.
Such are projects that people should always embark on instead of always waiting for Government to take development to their areas when they can do so.
Kudos to the community members, the two former PF councillors and the MP for this progressive and positive initiative.

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