Letter to the Editor

Construct shoulder between Pensulo sub station, Mpika

Dear editor,
THE road between Mpika in Muchinga Province and Pensulo substation in Central Province needs urgent attention before we continue witnessing fatalities on this stretch.

The road is too narrow to facilitate a smooth overtaking of vehicles
I will continue asking the same question over and over again, “do we have the road development agencies inspecting these roads to see that there is need to improve the state of the road?”
Or what is happening with our government officials who use this road, does it mean they are not sensitive enough to notice the danger of subjecting heavy vehicles to a narrow road
Moreover, the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development should also consider floating another tender to improve on the road signage.
We have very poor road signs on most of our roads across the country. We feel very good when we drive in countries like South Africa and Namibia, you are well guided as you drive through.
If on the main trunk roads we can have road signs like those on Tuta road as well as Luwingu-Mansa road then it can be ok because signs on these roads are of international standards
I appreciate the great interest Government attaches to ensure the flow of goods and services is upheld through the many ambitious road projects your ministry is carrying out
My earnest appeal is to beef up monitoring policy of these projects to ensure these contractors give us a value for money.
I hope Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development is aware that sections of Chipata- Lundazi road are already giving up. Kindly speak to the contractor working on Lundazi- Chama road to give us a very good road like the Luwingu- Mansa road with very good road signs. This road will fuel trade between Eastern Province, Muchinga and beyond after the completion of the Chama-Matumbo road.
I also want to bring to your attention that the contractor who did the Lundazi township roads gave us a very poor road works, minister be mindful that we also deserve

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